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Sriracha Granada LogoSriracha Granada was created out of the desire to eat a full flavor, tasty hot sauce but without the harsh chemicals, preservatives, and coloring additives of commercial products.

Who makes this green sriracha?

Sriracha Granada is made by Sunrise Foods LLC.  Started in 2014, Sunrise Foods believes that our friends, families, and local communities have the right to healthy food and our company’s offerings support that belief.  We make products that are not only delicious, but fit in with a healthy lifestyle.

Our primary focus are healthier, additive-free versions of popular sauces and condiments.  While sauces and condiments are delicious additions to our favorite foods and dishes, many of the products available in stores today are made with low quality ingredients and filled with chemical preservatives, fillers, and additives.  We aim to change that!

Sriracha Granada Products