Two Men and A Garden Chili

Ingredients: 1 lb. Ground meat (turkey, burger or a mix) 4-5 Tablespoons Williams chili seasoning or to taste ½ to 1 jar two men and garden salsa (I use medium) 1 to 2 cans Bush’s Chili Beans (I use medium) Beef broth Directions: -Shape meat into patties and grill (can brown in stock pot if preferred) Char flavor is excellent! -Crumble grilled patties in a stock pot (char flavor is awesome! – yea I already mentioned – get the point?) -Add to meat two men and a garden salsa (if prefer less chunky simply blend the salsa prior to adding, flavor is still awesome!) This salsa adds such a great flavor to the chili and beats the heck out of cutting veggies! -Add Williams Chili Seasonings -Simmer on medium heat for 10 minutes (be sure to stir while simmering) -Add beans and simmer for an additional 15 minutes (use 1 or 2 cans depending on your preference) -Add beef broth – the amount is up to your preference whether you like a thick or thin chili -Bring chili to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 45 minute to an hour, the longer the better to allow the ingredients to blend! -If you can make this a day in advance, allow cooling and then chill overnight it intensifies the flavors that much more! Simply reheat when ready to devour! -Serve up with some shredded cheese and sour cream! -We are old fashioned chili eaters, just a bowl of two men and a garden chili with a good old fashioned peanut butter sandwich or grilled cheese. You can always double the recipe for larger groups or freeze in batches to enjoy later! Occasionally I will grill extra burgers so we can indulge in a killer Two Men and a Garden chili burger!

3 thoughts on “Two Men and A Garden Chili

  1. Joel Austin says:

    This chili is awesome. I used the screaming hot. Next time, I think I’ll go with the regular hot. It’s even better the second day!!

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